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Core and Pro SUP members will receive customized training and feedback from Coach Chase Kosterlitz. As an internationally recognized paddler, Chase has coached athletes around the world, competed in more than 100 stand up paddle events and served as a race organizer for 15 events since 2009.

The first stand up paddle event that he raced in was one that he also helped to organize through his SUP company, Water Monkey, in the fall of 2009. His non-paddling background has led him to take a unique approach to improving himself and the students he coaches. Chase grew up a dedicated basketball player, competing at a collegiate level before retiring for a life on the water in 2006. Kiteboarding became his first water sport in 2006 and eventually lead him to stand up paddle boarding.

Chase has also enjoyed outrigger paddling since 2011 and paddled for Hanohano OCC in his first full SoCal racing season in 2016. Paddle Society’s own, coach Red Pedrick, guided Chase and the team to HanoHano’s best men’s results in the clubs 26 year history.

Chase’s position as a SUP race organizer, coach and elite competitor gives him a unique perspective on the competition side of stand up paddle boarding. His passion for SUP gave him the motivation to create the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association in 2014 in order to improve the sport through structured racing rules and SUP race official education. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of competition and paddling with students he coaches around the world. 

You can see all of Chase’s wins and podium finishes from some of the biggest races in the world here.



Core and Pro members will receive customized cross training from strength coach Sean Pangelinan. Sean obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in fitness, nutrition and health from San Diego State University in 2012.

Sean’s love for paddling combines two things that he enjoyed the most: the ocean and fitness. Sean’s intense training lead him to represent Guam in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At the age of 21, Sean became the first person from Guam, the Marianas Islands, and Micronesia to compete in the Olympics in sprint canoeing.

Sean’s goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals to not only reach their maximum athletic potential, but to also get to their health goals. He believes that through appropriate amount of exercise, a proper nutrition plan, and integrating key strategies to improve lifestyle and activities, anyone can reach their desired health and fitness goals.

In 2013 his love for paddling led him to discover SUP racing. Sean competed as a sponsored SUP racer throughout the United States before he opened his fitness facility, The Fit Lab, in 2015. The Fit Lab is a fitness facility in San Diego dedicated to personal training and helping individuals reach their maximum physical health and performance. Sean is currently working on his Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology.

CPT 2007

BS 2012

FMS Certified

USAW weightlifting coach

2012 USA Dragonboat ICF Bronze Medalist

2014 USA Dragonboat ICF Nations Cup Champion



Core and Pro Outrigger members will receive customized training and feedback from Coach Red Pedrick. A retired United States Marine Sergeant, Coach Red knows how to ensure the success of people under his command.

In 2011, his longing to be a part of something bigger than himself led him to outrigger canoe paddling. His passion for improvement and bringing out the best in himself and found a new outlet on the water.

Coach Red started competing in outrigger in 2011 and later took up paddling dragon boat and SUP in 2014. He has raced the U.S. Outrigger Championship race from Catalina to Newport 9 times, completed the infamous Molokai Hoe, and Pailolo Challenge twice, and recently participated in the Kaua’i World Challenge.

Coach Red has been able to take his leadership and teaching skills as a Marine Sergeant, and successfully apply them to coaching paddlers. In 2016, he led the HanoHano Canoe Club to the best season in their 26 year history. HanoHano is fast becoming one of the top paddling clubs in California under his watch. Coach Red’s love for teaching has also led him to a position as the head technique coach for the San Diego Dragon Boat Team.



Paddle Society is a SUP and outrigger paddle training membership website dedicated to helping paddlers of all abilities reach their goals. We believe the best paddle training program is one that is customized, consistently followed and backed with community and coaching support. Our interactive member training dashboard provides a proven platform to help you achieve your goals.


Our comprehensive library of paddle and fitness video tutorials, articles and e-learning courses will provide the information you need to reach your peak athletic potential. Whether you are trying to finish your first paddle race, lose weight and get in shape or win your age division, we’re here to help every step of the way.


More than just a paddle training website, we’re a global community of like minded individuals with a passion for paddling —- paddling makes us happy. We believe that any day on the water is a good day, and if you haven’t paddled today, stop reading, and go paddle. Become a member to gain access to our member-only forum and connect with paddlers from around the world.


The Paddle Society name was originally brought to life by a group of cross-discipline paddlers training on the waterways of San Diego. The training group was started as a quest to get faster, build community and have fun on the water.

Group members met, trained and pushed each other during workouts, long before the thought of paddle training websites connecting and providing knowledge for paddlers around the world.

While Paddle Society has changed in numbers and form, the mission remains the same. Training. Knowledge. Community.