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I love coaching paddlers to steer them away from the easily avoidable mistakes I made early in my SUP career. I've competed in more than 100 stand up paddle events around the world and served as a race organizer for 15 events since 2009. Dad to Stella, JP Australia team rider, Stand Up Paddle Athletes Associate President and salt water addict.

Stand Up Paddle Race Boards: How to Choose

The stand up paddle race board is the most important piece of equipment for successful SUP athletes. A board will not win races for you. Only training smart and hard helps you achieve those results. Instead, choosing a stand up paddle race board that is right for you can assist performance, help compliment your hard work and create

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Choosing A Stand Up Paddle: The Ultimate Guide

It could easily be said that the stand up paddle is the single most important piece of equipment for a stand up paddler besides the board. During the course of a one hour race, an athlete who is paddling at a relatively attainable 40 strokes per minute will paddle 2,400 times. If you paddle thousands

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What to Eat During and After Paddling

Eating during and after paddling is a skill that takes planning and testing to discover the type, quantity and timing of the nutrients that work best. Just because something works well for someone else does not mean it will for you. Use the information below and test your nutrient tolerance during training sessions to find what

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Hydration And Electrolytes For Paddlers: A Practical Guide

I don't need to tell you that drinking water is important. Most paddlers know this. However, hydration for paddlers before, during and after training or racing is a skill that takes time to perfect. The information below will explain the amount to drink, what to add to your water and how to hydrate like a pro.

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Eating Before Paddle Training and Racing: Fuel Up the Right Way

Once you know the details about food composition, it's important to understand eating before paddle training and racing. Your diet and meal timing won't turn you from last to first place, but it can make the difference between performing poorly and reaching your full potential. Fueling Before Paddle Training and Racing The goal prior to a training session or race is

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Understanding Nutrition For Paddlers

With fad diets and must-have super foods popping up daily, the debates on nutrition in our lives seem to never end. Fortunately for athletes, scientific sport nutrition is well researched with relatively conclusive fundamental strategies for athletes to follow. If you are looking for peak performance, it is essential to understand how to efficiently fuel

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Making A Plan: 10 Golden Rules of Paddle Training

In order to achieve maximum paddling performance, it's important that you understand what goes into forming SUP and outrigger paddling training plans. You must take into account your experience, goals, lifestyle and events you are competing in. The objective of this training article, and all of our training content, is to give you a foundation of training knowledge. This way you

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Peaking for Multiple SUP and Outrigger Paddling Events

Forming a solid paddle training program can be a complicated and detailed process. The first thing you need to do before starting a plan is establish your training and racing goals and assess your paddling performance. After this important step you need to choose the races that you will compete in throughout the season. An

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Periodized Training for SUP and Outrigger Paddling

Periodization is a systematic approach to training that allows athletes to increase and decrease their training in order to be in their best condition at a specific time. Broken up into phases, each phase of training can last weeks or months, depending on the individual. Periodized training for SUP and outrigger paddling is based on the

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Fartlek and Interval Paddle Training for Max Results

A good portion of the specific preparation phase and the Paddle Society customized training programs involve interval paddle training and Fartlek paddle training. These kinds of SUP and outrigger paddle training workouts are built on alternating short, high intensity bursts of speed with slower, recovery phases in a single session. Interval Paddle Training Interval training for stand