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The Viento Downwinder: The Ultimate Safety and Logistics Guide

Watch this detailed video to see the obstacles and safety information you should be aware of for your Viento to Hood River downwinder. If you don't want to watch all 20 minutes, it's still worth skipping through to see the submerged tree trunks and other obstacles. Below is a brief outline for those who would rather read

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Viento to Hood River Downwinder: Course Preview and Area Guide

The Viento to Hood River downwind run is arguably one of the best downwinders in the world. Situated in the heart Columbia River Gorge, the Viento downwinder provides endless glides, strong wind and beautiful scenery. You'll see what I'm talking about when you watch the video below. I'll be sharing more details about this run and

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Paddle Faster When You Learn To Focus

Paddling success requires mental toughness and focus. These qualities are not mutually exclusive. To have mental toughness you must have focus. How would you rate your mental toughness? If you give up easily or can’t seem to push yourself through a tough workout, this can be the result of a variety of factors. One important

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Choosing A Canoe

Much like the purchasing of paddles, purchasing an OC-1 is all about preference. Unless you live in Southern California, then it’s just a question of, “what is Danny Ching paddling?” Kidding aside, purchasing an OC-1 is a big investment. Typically, when one is ready to purchase an OC-1 they feel they are ready to take

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Outrigger Paddling Stroke Breakdown

In this article we take a deep dive approach to the components of the outrigger paddle stroke. Initially the article takes more of a procedural route in explaining the various phases of the stroke. As you continue to read, however, you will find near the end as that the article becomes more anecdotal. The purpose of

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A Guide to Setting Your Paddling Goals

The key to any successful paddle training program (and most things in life!) is setting goals. Once you have assessed your physical fitness and paddling speed, you need to set goals for your paddle training and racing. Setting goals is one of the first things we do with members working with Paddle Society coach's to create a customized

Cross Training for Paddling to Maximize Performance

The best way to train the energy systems for peak performance is through functional, sport-specific movements such as paddling on the water. This article on periodization, as well as our customized training plans, explain the exact paddling workouts you should do to train each energy system at the correct time. Training the energy systems on

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Choosing The Right Paddling Accessories

Hydration packs, GPS units, leashes and other SUP and outrigger paddling accessories will not make you the fastest paddler in the world (hard work and training will do that). However, choosing the right paddling accessories and properly testing them can certainly make a big difference in your paddle racing and training. I overhear this being said at almost

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What to Eat During and After Paddling

Eating during and after paddling is a skill that takes planning and testing to discover the type, quantity and timing of the nutrients that work best. Just because something works well for someone else does not mean it will for you. Use the information below and test your nutrient tolerance during training sessions to find what

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Hydration And Electrolytes For Paddlers: A Practical Guide

I don't need to tell you that drinking water is important. Most paddlers know this. However, hydration for paddlers before, during and after training or racing is a skill that takes time to perfect. The information below will explain the amount to drink, what to add to your water and how to hydrate like a pro.

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