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A Guide to Setting Your Paddling Goals

The key to any successful paddle training program (and most things in life!) is setting goals. Once you have assessed your physical fitness and paddling speed, you need to set goals for your paddle training and racing. Setting goals is one of the first things we do with members working with Paddle Society coach's to create a customized

Cross Training for Paddling to Maximize Performance

The best way to train the energy systems for peak performance is through functional, sport-specific movements such as paddling on the water. This article on periodization, as well as our customized training plans, explain the exact paddling workouts you should do to train each energy system at the correct time. Training the energy systems on

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Making A Plan: 10 Golden Rules of Paddle Training

In order to achieve maximum paddling performance, it's important that you understand what goes into forming SUP and outrigger paddling training plans. You must take into account your experience, goals, lifestyle and events you are competing in. The objective of this training article, and all of our training content, is to give you a foundation of training knowledge. This way you

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Peaking for Multiple SUP and Outrigger Paddling Events

Forming a solid paddle training program can be a complicated and detailed process. The first thing you need to do before starting a plan is establish your training and racing goals and assess your paddling performance. After this important step you need to choose the races that you will compete in throughout the season. An

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Periodized Training for SUP and Outrigger Paddling

Periodization is a systematic approach to training that allows athletes to increase and decrease their training in order to be in their best condition at a specific time. Broken up into phases, each phase of training can last weeks or months, depending on the individual. Periodized training for SUP and outrigger paddling is based on the

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Fartlek and Interval Paddle Training for Max Results

A good portion of the specific preparation phase and the Paddle Society customized training programs involve interval paddle training and Fartlek paddle training. These kinds of SUP and outrigger paddle training workouts are built on alternating short, high intensity bursts of speed with slower, recovery phases in a single session. Interval Paddle Training Interval training for stand

Training Intensity and Training Zones for Paddlers

Training at the appropriate intensity is a key element to improving your performance and staying injury free. Harder is not always better. A majority of workouts should be performed at an easy to medium intensity with short intervals of high intensity. Use the information in this article to help gauge your intensity during your training sessions.

Paddle Faster With These Important Energy Systems

The essential elements of fitness that help create a well-rounded paddler include cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, speed, balance and mobility. Before learning how to optimize these elements to paddle faster, we must understand the energy systems that help them function. Without properly training the energy systems, improvement on the water cannot be maximized and you

Rest: The Best Tool for Paddle Training and Racing

Rest is the most under-rated training tool at your disposal. Rest during paddle training and racing is critical for peak performance, yet it is often used improperly. A common approach from endurance athletes is to think, “more is better.” For example, "If paddling four miles is good for me, seven will be better!" Not exactly.

Assessing Paddling Speed and Fitness Performance

Once you establish training and racing goals, it's important to asses your paddling speed and current physical fitness before starting any kind of training program. These assessments give clear indications of the effectiveness of training and allow you, or a Paddle Society coach, to plan, monitor and adjust the program. This approach helps you reach peak performance

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