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Balance Training For Paddlers

All of the elements of fitness are important, but balance training for paddlers certainly has a special place for those who find themselves constantly falling in the water. Balance is a key factor in becoming an well-rounded paddler in all water conditions. Your entire existence as a stand up and outrigger paddler requires you to have some level

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Mobility Training For Paddlers

Mobility refers to your ability to move your body and limbs freely and painlessly through a desired movement. Mobility training for paddlers has a wide range of benefits and should be incorporated into your paddle training and racing schedules. Without proper mobility, we create body movements and habits that can lead to poor posture, muscle

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Strength Training For Paddlers

Strength training for SUP and outrigger paddling is an important part of most successful paddle training programs. Simply put, strength is the ability of your muscles to move things. These things might be a barbell that you are moving through a heavy squat or a board that you’re moving through the water. You use muscles throughout your body

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Cross Training Exercises for Paddlers: A Practical Guide

Sport specific paddle training is important and highly efficient, however, endurance cross training for paddlers off of the water can also be a valuable paddle training tool. Paddle Society coaches will often write these kinds of workouts into member's customized training plans depending on their goals, athletic background, time constraints and ability to paddle through the winter.

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Paddle Faster With These Important Energy Systems

The essential elements of fitness that help create a well-rounded paddler include cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, speed, balance and mobility. Before learning how to optimize these elements to paddle faster, we must understand the energy systems that help them function. Without properly training the energy systems, improvement on the water cannot be maximized and you