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Downwind Stand Up Paddling: Reading The Water

Reading the water while downwind stand up paddling is a critical skill to learn. Watch this video to see a brief breakdown of downwind paddling conditions at the Columbia River Gorge and the Carolina Cup. Watch all of the detailed downwind paddling technique videos for a more in-depth look at downwind paddling techniques.

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The Viento Downwinder: The Ultimate Safety and Logistics Guide

Watch this detailed video to see the obstacles and safety information you should be aware of for your Viento to Hood River downwinder. If you don't want to watch all 20 minutes, it's still worth skipping through to see the submerged tree trunks and other obstacles. Below is a brief outline for those who would rather read

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Viento to Hood River Downwinder: Course Preview and Area Guide

The Viento to Hood River downwind run is arguably one of the best downwinders in the world. Situated in the heart Columbia River Gorge, the Viento downwinder provides endless glides, strong wind and beautiful scenery. You'll see what I'm talking about when you watch the video below. I'll be sharing more details about this run and

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How To Nail Your Stand Up Paddle Race Start

The stand up paddle race start is one of the most critical moments in SUP competition. Use these guidelines to set yourself up for a successful SUP race start. One of the first and most important elements to consider is the starting sequence being used at your race. As president of the Stand Up Paddle Athletes

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A Guide to Setting Your Paddling Goals

The key to any successful paddle training program (and most things in life!) is setting goals. Once you have assessed your physical fitness and paddling speed, you need to set goals for your paddle training and racing. Setting goals is one of the first things we do with members working with Paddle Society coach's to create a customized

Use These Stand Up Paddle Drafting Tactics

Stand up paddle drafting tactics are among the most important strategies in all of SUP racing. Drafting is a part of forming a SUP race strategy and racing smart. Read and watch our videos about how to draft and forming a race strategy before getting too deep into this article. Some of the only universal rules in

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Stand Up Paddle Stroke Variability

Throughout a stand up paddling session paddlers may encounter many different kinds of water conditions. A well-rounded paddler will have a unique stand up paddle stroke for each kind of condition. This article will help you learn how to adjust your stroke rate to different water conditions and find your optimal stand up paddle stroke. Remember that every individual

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Reading Water Conditions for SUP and Outrigger Paddling

The day of the big race is approaching fast and you have put in the hard work with training, proper nutrition and mental preparation. At this point you should ask yourself, "Do I have a race strategy?". Race strategy involves training smart and forming a clear plan to execute before the race. Race strategy is

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Paddle Pacing Tips for SUP and Outrigger

Pacing in endurance sports is as much about mental toughness as it is about physical ability. Follow these guidelines to help reach your goals and avoid burning out in a race. After the start horn goes off, your competition will likely sprint ahead at full speed. Should you follow at the same pace, or stay

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The Very Important Stand Up Paddle Buoy Turn Strategy

Rounding a buoy, or mark, efficiently and tactically is a small detail of SUP racing that can have a huge impact on your race results. If you are unfamiliar with pivot turning, or not completely comfortable executing one, read this pivot turn article and watch the video to learn the skills behind properly turning in a race. Most SUP races have

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